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Rockets kick off season with Media Day, training camp opens Tuesday

Media Day kicked off on Monday and the Rockets appear ready to go, focusing on being tougher and more defensive-minded this season. For James Harden's part, he seemed genuinely open about his defensive issues, saying that he knows he suffers from a lack of focus at times. Newest Rocket Jason Terry said his expectations are to go all the way to the title this year. You can find all the player interviews we recorded in the Rockets video section.
  • Rockets will wear Chinese jersey, plan new alternates in 2015-16

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    MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2014
    Rockets will wear Chinese jersey this season, plan to unveil new alternates in 2015-16 By Clutch
    The Houston Rockets will wear a Chinese jersey this season and are working on two new alternate jerseys for the 2015-16 season.
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    Rockets honored Dwight agreement with agent in letting Parsons out of his contract By Clutch
    The decision to let Chandler Parsons out of his bargain contract a year early was a mistake, but it was a decision made long ago by the Rockets.
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    TMZ doesn't get a critical fact straight on Dwight Howard story By Clutch
    TMZ reports that Dwight Howard ran a red light that got his driver's license suspended, but they didn't check the date nor the superstar center's alibi.
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    Get Ready: Rockets Media Day set for September 29th By Clutch
    It's hard to believe it's that time of year again, but Houston Rockets training camp is not that far away.
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    Will Carroll Q&A: Beverley’s knee remains a “fairly major concern” for Rockets By Ben DuBose
    Will Carroll, a national sportswriter specializing in injuries and treatment, joins us to discuss the status of Patrick Beverley's knee and his future.
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    SUNDAY, AUGUST 31, 2014
    Rockets acquire Jason Terry from Kings By Clutch
    The offseason continues for the Rockets as they trade for a longtime enemy who just might be able to help them in guard Jason Terry.
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    FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 2014
    Rockets finalize deal to bring Kostas Papanikolaou to Houston By Ben DuBose
    Unable to sign him Kostas Papanikolaou using a smaller exception earlier this summer, the Rockets spend their mid-level exception to sign the Greek small forward.
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