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Rockets come off as geniuses

Rockets come off as geniuses
They landed the sensational shot-blocking and scoring small forward Eddie Griffin

The Houston Rockets have done it. They turned 3 middle of the road first round picks in to the player many thought should have gone #1 overall. The Rockets have landed stud small forward Eddie Griffin from the Nets for picks #13, #18 and #23. The Rockets selected Richard Jefferson (13), Jason Collins (18) out of Stanford and Brandon Armstrong (23) out of Pepperdine for New Jersey. Houston also acquired Terence Morris from the Hawks, taken #34 overall, for a future first round pick (the Detroit pick from the Mirsad Turkcan deal). Griffin has a ton of potential and the Rockets don't take on 3 guaranteed contracts. Said Rudy T, "I felt kind of prophetic. I mentioned all the things we needed. We needed a shooter. We need shot blocking. We needed rebounding. We thought we would need all 3 picks to get those things, but we feel we covered them all in Eddie Griffin." Clutch's draft report from draft night is now available. Latest Rockets Draft News

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