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Morey says Rockets have potential deals
Houston has deal scenarios in place that are contingent on how the draft unfolds
MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2007   12:59 PM CST
By Clutch
Copyright 2007
Morey says Rockets have potential deals
Houston Rockete general manager Daryl Morey appeared on local radio 790am Monday morning, and the rookie team executive said the Rockets have trades in place that will occur if certain players are gone or available.

"We have actually [been] quite active," said Morey. "We do have a potential deal to move up which would be contingent on the other team's player not being there and the player we want being there."

Morey also said the Rockets have other potential deals for later picks.

"We have many deals to potentially buy picks in the second round. Leslie [Alexander] is always willing to do that and I think it's a great way to build up assets for the franchise. We also have a potential deal to move down, if a player we don't want at 26 is there and we feel like we can pick up who we like a little bit later."

Morey reiterated that the Rockets are looking at drafting the "best available player" regardless of position.

"At 26 it's definitely 'best player'," said Morey. "Historically that player won't contribute in the first year. It's really a pick over the rookie scale contract, over the four years. I actually think 'best player' is a little bit overrated higher in the draft, which would be sort of the opposite of what you might read. Generally, those picks you do want to get them on the floor, you do want to get them on the curve."

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